What Life Seems To Be Now.

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What life seems to be now.

Why is it that people, who are treated with contempt, who get hurt, are the ones who least deserve it? Why is this happening? Is the world that cruel? Doesn't anyone know the meaning of life? Funny how people can search for books with no relation to life, for example Star Wars, Harry Potter, but ignore books hat give us meaning in life, that shows us how to treasure life. How ironic. We search for material needs but fail to treasure what we already have, Our lives, Our happiness, friends, family, lovers, hope, faith. I cannot express the anger i have within me. People ignore these priceless possessions and when they've lost it, they regret and try to find ways and means to retrieve it. But, what i don't understand is, why bother regretting when all is said and done? To find a new purpose in life, since they've lost everything else? There are so many people in this world who are homeless, hungry, with no one to turn to, yet they are satisfied with what they have. There are people who suffer from being traumatised by their past, who are being tortured , physically and mentally, who suffer from rape, depression, from being molested, who are dying, but they suffer in silence, while we complain about being broke, about breaking up, about being deprived of freedom by our parents or family members.

Everyone has felt how it is to be a failure. Everyone wants to succeed in whatever they do. When one falls, stand up and carry on with life! Is it that difficult? Do they have to make a big fuss out of every situation in which they cannot succeed? There are so many people in this world who cannot afford to fail; a child who has to live on his own without anyone's guidance, can he fail at anything? His failure could mean his death. The truth of life hurts us, it makes us want to turn around and forget that we know the truth. My heart breaks for these people. When asked about how we feel about the least in society, we say we want to help them, but how are we helping? By staring at the television screen and saying, "Oh my goodness! They're such poor t

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