What Then Is An American Now

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What then is an American Now

*Note: This paper was done as a parallel to Jean de Crevecour's "Letters from an American Farmer," published in London in 1782.

What, then, is an American now?

An American today controls the world. She lives for herself, and is successful. She has a job, not on the farm or with the family, but in the office. She is a college graduate, and is paying on a new car, house, and computer. She also pays for her own washer and dryer, heat and air, even bottled water. The weekends are spent at the gym, where she pays to do work, and at charities, where she goes to luncheons, and donates to the liberation of lab animals. She lives in a suburb, in a house like many others. She is an individual, and pays for the title.
Her family is different than the one she grew up in. There are children, splitting their time between the father and mother. They donít really know what their parents do, just the name of the place and how to reach someone in an emergency. They donít help out with the livelihood, just take advantage of it. They attend various schools, beginning at the age of three or four, and continuing for fifteen to twenty years. They wear designer jeans, like their parents do on the weekends, and one of their pastimes is going out simply to find some stuff to spend money on.
There is another American, who lives in the inner city, in a cramped apartment. He is working two jobs, and paying off debts. Heís looking for work that will justify all the acting classes heís taken, but

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