Why we study religion Essay

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why we study religion

State in your own words why you think the study of World Religions is important?

The study of World Religion is important because it will lead us through a series of
thinking experiences that will allow us to function more beneficially in today’s
modern culture. It will emphasis on method issues, perspectives, and critical thinking.
This course also engages students in the activity of self-examination through encounters
with different cultural viewpoints on issues of a fundamental human concern.

Respect is a very important aspect of class discipline. Respect towards peers, property,
and the teacher all lead to the student in being the best student they can be. If the
student does not respect anything in the classroom, the students hamper the learning
process themselves; they are the ones without respect, therefore they do not want to learn
and are totally responsible for the grade they are given. Respect is fundamental in the
process of learning.

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