Wild squid Essay

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wild squid

Squid are wild and wonderful. They are believed to be remarkably

intelligent because of their apparently complex communication system. They include

the Vampire Squid, and the elusive and mysterious Giant Squid. I researched the

Giant Squid which is the biggest animals in the sea.

The giant squid lives in most of the world's oceans and is among the

biggest animals in the sea but it is rarely seen. It hunts smaller sea creatures but

larger animals feed on it. It has inspired fantastic tales but the facts are even more

fascinating than the ficiton. For over 2,000 years the giant squid has inspired fear,

fascination, and fantastis stories. Encounters with this huge invertebrate have always

been rare and distant. And only recently has there been scientific evidence to

dispute the legends.

Centuries ago, people invented explanations for what their astonished

eyes saw. In 1500's, when several large unfamiliar sea creatures were stranded in

Norway, people decided they were gMermenh. A merman is a giant squid. Until the

1880's , the giant squid was thought to be a legend. But in 1888, a giant squid 57 feet

long washed ashore on a New Zealand beach. It had tentacles 35 feet long, and its

eyes were each larger than a dinner plate. (It is amazing!) One captured sperm whale

regurgitated two 42 foot long tentacles in an aquarium, meaning the squid they came

from was roughly 66 feet long, and weighed 85,000 pounds. Scientists do not know

exactly where in the sea it lives, they have not been to study it alive. The giant squid

can be up to 18m (59 ft), and their weight can be up to 900kg (1980lb,nearly 1ton).
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