Wilfred Owen

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wilfred owen

Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen was a famous British war poet in World War I. The horrible violence of war turned Owen into a poetic genius. In a two-year period during the war, Owen published only four of his poems, and grew from a negligible minor poet into a famous English-language poet. His poems were antiwar poems of his life in trench warfare.
Wilfred Owen the son of Tom and Susan Owen was born on March 18, 1893, in Oswetry, England. He was educated at the Birkenhead institute and at Shrewbury Technical School. At the age of 17, Owen began to show an interest in arts, and poetry. He worked as a pupil teacher at the Wyle Cop School while he was preparing for his exam to attend the University of London. After he failed the entrance exam he worked as an English teacher in the Berlitz School in Bordeaux.
Towards the end of 1914 and the beginning of 1915, Owen became aware of the rapid growth of the war, and he moved back to England in September 1915. In October he enlist in the Artistsí Rifles. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Manchester Regiment (5th Battalion) in France in June 1916.
In January 1917, he saw his first site of trench warfare. He and his men were forced to hold a flooded dugout in no-manís land for about fifty hours under heavy enemy bombardment. In March 1917, he was injured with a slight concussion and in April, he returned to the front line in France. In May, Wilfred Owen was badly injured during the Battle of Somme, when a shell landed about two yards away from him. After lying in a bomb crater for several days and being surrounded by his fellow officersí dead corpse, he was diagnosed with neurasthenia (shell shock). While he was in Fran

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