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william shakespeare1

crosoft Greetings Workshop, 2.0
Supplemental Information File

Thank you for purchasing Microsoft Greetings Workshop. This file will help you get the most out of Greetings Workshop.

You can print this file by opening it in any Windows word processing program and choosing
the Print command from the File menu. To read this file on screen, use the Page Down and
Page Up keys on your keyboard.

Table of Contents
1. Installation tips
2. Upgrading from Greetings Workshop 1.0
3. Upgrading from Greetings Workshop 2.0 to Greetings Workshop Deluxe 2.0
4. Picture It! and working with photographs in Greetings Workshop
5. Video cards and display problems
6. CD-ROM problems
7. Audio problems
8. Printing problems
9. Printing tips
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