Wolf Spiders Essay

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Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are a group of ground-dwelling hunting spiders. There are more than 2000
types of wolf spiders. They range from 2mm to 40mm. Some wolf spiders can even walk on the
water of a pond. They can walk or run while chasing after itís prey. They use their front
legs to catch their prey, and then they bite and crush the prey with their powerful jaws.
They can hunt day or night. Wolf spiders can dig burrows and wait for their prey to come
around, and then jump out and eat it. Some even build a trapdoor that they get under, then
when their prey comes on the trapdoor they jump out at it. When the spider is pregnant she
attaches the egg sac to herself, then she rips the egg sac open. The babies crawl onto the
mother and stay there for about one week.

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