Women In Art Essay

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Women In Art

Women throughout history, from the 1500's till now have been looked at as objects. In the
1500's during the time of the Renaissance woman were often portrayed in art in the nude.
Curves at that time showed women as being goddess like. The more curvy and voluptuous you
were the more beautiful men saw you. Artists who painted the female body were often
commissioned by rich men to paint these paintings to hang in their houses. Women in this
age are still portrayed in art in the nude. Mostly in nude magazines. Some people would
consider these magazines to be vulgar and raw however men still look at these magazines
for enjoyment making them a form of art.

In "Looking at Women", by Scott Russell Sanders, he looks into his experiences with women
throughout his life and asks many questions about the use of their bodies. Whether it I
used as art or not and why? He starts the essay out by telling a story from when he was
eleven. It was pretty much his first experience looking at girl in a sexual way. Then he
tells a story about how when he was in college his roommate had playmates plastered all
over his walls. Sanders asks questions referring to his experiences like why do these
women feel it necessary to pose nude for other people? And why do women buy expensive

As we look at the past and the present, the questions that Sanders asks can be answered in
many different ways. One possibility that women like to show their naked bodies to others
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