Women in Kenya Essay

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Women in Kenya

Women face many obstacles in Kenya that make their lives very difficult and especially
difficult to get an education. The women face specific gender division from men, violence,
female genital mutilation, HIV and AIDS, and obstacles while on the campaign trail.

In Kenya, women are expected to become mothers. They are also expected to cook, clean, and
be submissive to their husbands. Men there do not carry anything; instead women are
commonly seen hauling lumber and such because it is considered a feminine task. It is a
man's job though to own land. Only six percent of titles held in Kenya are by women. It is
not likely to even see a woman inherit land; instead when her husband dies she may become
homeless. Another example that the Kenyans feel strongly about strict gender division is
felt strongly about is the incidence of men stripping several women for wearing pants.

Violent acts toward women are a common occurrence in Kenya. Rape is not taken seriously
there. There is no DNA testing therefore rapists are rarely convicted. In the case that a
woman becomes pregnant when single, they are (austrosized)That's the word the lady used.
If the woman is a student, she is forced out of the dormitory and sent to live in a nearby
slum with little aid in resources. This usually causes the single mother to drop out.
Abortion is the answer some women find. Abortion however is strongly (frowned upon)What
word can replace that? and also illegal in Kenya, but it is still a common occurrence.

To prevent premarital sex, some tribes still practice female genital mutilation. This
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