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Wonderful Lives of Dolphins Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals in the word. Dolphins are mammals and are part of the Delphinidae family. This family contains various highly intelligent aquatic mammals. The name dolphin refers to the species that a have a beak like snout and a slender streamline body which helps them to swim at high speeds. Some species can swim up to speeds of 35 mph. Dolphins have a rubbery feeling skin that is hairless; this helps them swim through the water with little resistance. Their skin is very sensitive and has no protection from bumps or bruises. This is because the outer layer is made up entirely live cells. Since the outer layer is made up out of live cells it is shed every two hours to keep the cells fresh. Dolphins use their flukes to swim through the water by beating the flukes up and down. Men have studied dolphin’s flukes on a dolphin to improve the effectiveness of submarine and boat propellers. The feeding habits of a dolphin vary; it depends on what is available at the time. A simple meal contains of small fish or squid. Many have to go where the food is and look to find their food. Dolphins use their teeth to catch the food, yet they do not use their teeth to eat the food because they swallow it hole. Dolphins do not have the best eyesight. They rely on echolocation to help them get where they are going. Echolocation is the use of using sounds to see what is going on up ahead. They make a clicking noise, which is used to find if objects are up ahead. This is because if the noise bounce back they know that there is an object up ahead. They also use this for communicating with other dolphins. Dolphins are found in many different parts of the world in various oceans and even in some freshwater rivers in Asia, Africa, and South America. The river dolphins are in danger of extinction because of pollution and dams. The main place to see dolphins is in the warm waters of the pacific area. The main dolphins seen are the White-bellied dolphins and the Bottle-nosed dolphins. The most common dolphin can be found in all temperatures and tropical sees. This dolphin is dark above, white below, and has bands of gray white and yellow on t

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