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wuthering heights emilie bronte

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is the only book Emily Bronte ever wrote. It is a very powerful story
about love and hate and sorrow and death. It spans thirty years and is all narrated by,
first Mr. Lockwood, and more importantly, Ellen Dean, the faithful housekeeper.

At the beginning of the book, Mr. Lockwood had just arrived at Thrushcross Grange as a
tenant. He went to see Mr. Heathcliff, the man he was renting the house from. When he
arrives at Wuthering Heights, he meets a young lady the he assumes to be
Heathcliff’s wife. However, Heathcliff tells him that she is not his wife, but his
daughter-in-law. When he then meets a young man, he naturally assumes it to be
Heathcliff’s son, but again Heathcliff tells him that he is wrong. Heathcliff makes
it very clear that Mr. Lockwood is not welcome. However, Mr. Lockwood vows to visit
Wuthering Heights a second time. The next day he does visit Wuthering Heights again and is
snowed in over there. He spent the night in a room with three diaries in it - one labeled
Catherine Earnshaw, one, Catherine Heathcliff and the last, Catherine Linton. That night
he dreams he hears Catherine’s spirit at the window, and after hearing that,
Heathcliff throws open the window and implores her to come in. Mr. Lockwood leaves early
the next morning and catches cold. He is bedridden for the next few weeks and asks Ellen
Dean to tell him what she knows about the people residing at Wuthering Heights. She

The story really began with Mr. Earnshaw and his son, Hindley and daughter, Catherine. Mr.
Earnshaw left town on business and brought back with him an orphan they named Heathcliff.
Heathcliff soon turned out to be Mr. Earnshaw’s favorite and he and Catherine became
great friends. Hindley despised him for that. When Mr. Earnshaw died, Hindley returned
from school married and took over as the master and treated Heathcliff awfully. His quick
mind was dulled and he and Catherine became very rebellious. One day, they were over at
Thrushcross Grange and saw Edgar and Isabella Linton. They saw Heathcliff and Catherine
and thought they are burglars. Edgar sicced his dog on them and Catherine was injured. She
stayed at the Grange for a few weeks and returned to Wuthering Heights a sophisticated
lady with a furious temper and attitude. Hindley’s wife, Frances gave birth to a
child named Hareton and then died shortly after. Catherine and Edgar continued
correspondence and when he asked Catherine to marry him, she accepted even though she
still loved Heathcliff. She told Ellen that she couldn’t marry Heathcliff because he
was a ruffian. Heathcliff overheard, left, and was gone for three years.

When Heathcliff returned, he was an educated gentleman with money. He stayed with Hindley
and became the mortgaged to Wuthering Heights. Catherine and Heathcliff picked up their
friendship and Isabella developed a crush on Heathcliff. Edgar developed a deep hatred of
Heathcliff. Catherine became upset because she felt that she couldn’t be friends
with Heathcliff and be married to Edgar. She also admitted that she would always love
Heathcliff. Heathcliff eloped with Isabella after having a fight with Catherine. Edgar was
furious and disowned Isabella. Catherine was furious at Edgar for driving Heathcliff away
and at Heathcliff for marrying Isabella. She fasted for three days and was taken sick with
a brain fever. Heathcliff went to see her and they had a very passionate meeting.
Catherine died that night after giving birth to a little girl named Cathy. Isabella left
Heathcliff and had a son she named Linton. Hindley died leaving Heathcliff as the master
of Wuthering Heights.

Ellen Dean skipped ahead twelve years in her narrative. Isabella died and Linton was
coming to live with Edgar and Cathy. On an expedition to Penistone Crags, Cathy had her
first encounter with Hareton and Heathcliff. She was distressed to learn that Hareton was
her cousin because he had been brought up as a brute by Heathcliff. Hareton was without
education or knowledge. He couldn’t even read or write. Cathy said something about
Linton coming home and Heathcliff heard about it. Heathcliff sent for Linton immediately.
Cathy didn’t see Linton for another three years after that. When she did see him,
they started a correspondence. Soon after, Heathcliff forced them to marry. Edgar died
subsequently. Linton died soon after that. Hareton and Cathy fought a lot, but soon they
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