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Oral Interp. of Lit.

Name: Alexis Walker
Age: 35
Occupation: Married a rich older man, so I basically sit around and do nothing all day.
Health: Smoker and boozer since eight
Nationality: Black and beautiful
Where do you live: New York, New York. I'm from the lovely borrow called Queens. I'm upper
class, wealthy, rich, and all that jazz. My pent house looks over the city and I laugh at
all the poor weaklings I see below.

Family: I rid my parents off long ago. I have three stepchildren, but I couldn't tell you
there names, I just don't care. My husband Stanley, my rich sugar daddy, is serving a four
month jail sentence for God knows what. Nobody knows my past, even me, I boozed it out of
my life.

Social Status: The cream of the crop, the best of the best, I socialize with only the most
elite sophisticated and filthy ass rich people you ever met. Middle class is below me,
most people are.

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