Essay on Yellow Wallpaper1

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Yellow Wallpaper1

The story of The Yellow Wallpaper begins with a family going away on vacation. It is
revealed later that there are repairs or renovations being done on their regular house.
The wife in the story believes at first that the house is haunted since no one has
occupied the house for so long, but she finds out that it was only because of an ownership

The main reason that the family goes on vacation is because the woman is sick. Her
illness is most likely some form of a mental disorder. Her husband, who happens to be a
physician, tell her that all she needs to get better is rest and to be around no stimuli.

The woman automatically thinks something is wrong with the house, but she could not figure
it out right away. One of the first things she does not like about her and her
husband’s room is the wallpaper. She claims that it commits every artistic sin and
is not made with any laws of radiation, alternation, repetition or symmetry.

The woman starts to see mages in the wallpaper, and then she sees them move around and
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