You might be a com nerd if Essay

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you might be a com nerd if

You Might Be a Computer Nerd if...
written by Nosferatu

Your web page is more popular than you.
Your favorite sport is Tetris.
You know what fuzzy logic is.
You talk to your computer.
When given a choice, you look at Computer Shopper instead of Playboy.
You argue with your computer.
Your computer has its own phone line.
You have dreams involving your computer.
You try to pick up women on chat lines.
You can talk to a woman about your hardware and not mean anything sexual.
You spend Friday nights with your computer.
You ask a woman for her email address instead of her phone number.
You've never actually met many of your friends.
You remember how to use DOS.
You think Bill Gates is "a cool guy."
Only computer users can understand you.
Your home page is longer than your resume.
You've ever installed Linux.
You've missed the X-Files because you wanted to play on your computer.
You always understand Dilbert.
You regularly drink Jolt cola.
You spend more time on the Internet than you do sleeping.
You have multiple email addresses.
You've ever setup a LAN in your house.
You understood the above statement.
You search the Internet for computer humor.
Your idea of hurrying is typing faster.
You keep spare mouse pads.
You buy your computer gifts.
You've ever been dumped for paying too much attention to your computer.
Someone mentions foreign language and you think "Cobol".
You regularly use a tape backup on files you have the original disks for.
You get a new computer, take it out of the box, and you immediately remove the case.
You have ever called home to check on your computer.
You do processes in DOS instead of Windows not because it is faster, but because it just confuses people.
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