Young Americans and the role they play Essay

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Young Americans and the role they play

Ever since the United States decided to have a president, there has always been
controversy on how to elect the right leader of our country. We will be looking at the
qualifications such as: accomplishments, experiences in education, government, military,
political and world views, and character needed in a person to be the best leader possible
to represent this country.

What qualifications should be used in electing a president? There are many qualifications
that should be met in order to be elected the president. He/she must have a good
educational background, show evidence of accomplishments, experience in government and
military, policy expertise, and he/she must have good character.

Accomplishments and experience are two important qualifications to look for in a
presidential candidate. He/she must have a good educational background to be able to lead
our whole country. Everyday he/she would be facing numerous problems and obstacles. The
president must know the smartest thing to do in every situation. They must know the
difference between resolutions that last short amounts of time and ones that will continue
to help our country far into the future. A presidential candidate must also show evidence
of accomplishments throughout their life and most importantly have experience in the
government. Experience in military is also a big advantage in a candidate. They’d
have knowledge and experience in situations of war if it were to arise. These skills in a
president would greatly assist him/her to do a better job running the country.

Probably the most controversial quality a president could have would have to be his/her
political views on our country, along with the role it plays with the rest of the world.
When a candidate speaks about how he/she is going to change the country, the

audience can make or break the candidate. Even though there is going to be some people
that don’t agree with what the president says, the majority of the people agree on
certain issues that the president focuses on. The candidate should have knowledge on what
the public wants and their opinions on the world, but should also keep their views as
close to their own as possible. Along with focusing on our own country’s problems
he/she must also focus on what is going on around the world and how it will or may affect
our own country. The candidate must be able to convince the public that he/she can
resolve our country’s problems and improve it in any way possible.

Even though character may not be the most important quality the citizens of this country
have made electing a president into a popularity contest. What really should count though
is the candidate’s true character rather than how the public perceives him/her. So
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