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Zora Niel Hurston

The novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, written by, Zora Neale Hurston, was

full of imagination, imagery and phrasing. Janie's character and dialogue seemed to slip wisdom

into the reader's head without them knowing their ingesting something deep and true. The ups

and downs of Janie's life have made her a stronger person. This is shown endless times

throughout the novel. I feel that this story recognizes that there are endless problems to the

human condition, such as the need to possess, fear of the unknowing and stagnation. However,

the story does not give a feeling of hopelessness. Through Janie's character, Ms. Hurston extends

a recognition and understanding of humanity's need to escape emptiness. "Dem meat skins is got

tuh rattle tuh make out they's alive." (Hurston 183) Her solution is simple: ""Yuh got tuh go

there tuh know there." (Hurston 185)

Janie sets out on a quest to make sense of inner questions. She does not sit back and

let the tragedies in her life cripple her. Instead it strengthens her. Through questioning and

discovery she better understands the world she lives in and how small a thing like happiness is

comprised of, "If you kin see de light at daybreak, you don't care if you die at dusk. It's so many

people never seen de light at all." (Hurston 151) This quote caught my eye while I was reading

because it makes you truly think of what really makes you happy in life.

Janie married Logan Killicks for protection rather than love. He seemed to feel that he

Zora Niel Hurston

deserved to slap her around. Janie soon realizes that she is living in Nanny's dreams rather than

her own and decides to escape with Jody. A feeling of sudden newness and change came over

her. "Even if Joe was not there waiting for her, the change was bound to do her good."

(Hurston 32) This shows a great strength in her character because even if Joe was not there for

her she would still be determined to change without him. Joe seems closer to her ideal, closer to

the dream of marriage that she has. But, he represents a black man who wishes to gain wealth and


From the beginning of their relationship there were signs that he was not the love Janie

was looking for. "On the train the next day, Joe didn't made many speeches with rhymes to her,

but he bought her the best things the butcher had."( Hurston34) Jody's life revolved around

money this was already apparent. He bought her things because he was ownership-oriented. Jody

treated her more like an object than a human. He thinks that, "Somebody got to think for women
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