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I am a normal kid, well sort of. Everyone has those different things about them, for example: I fly planes, fence, and can perform geometry in my head. I am also a good shot with almost any type of gun. I am one of the best strategists in my school. Troon High School, the high school of Troon a town just north of Corpus Christi, Texas is one of the only schools in the state to have a fencing team. We have been the highest rated one in the state only the year I have been here. I am the second be
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There are many different types of power which a person may have. Some of the time, however, the person in that power is not the best person to be in that power. This is especially true in William Shakespeare\'s Macbeth. Throughout the course of the play, the Three Witches and Lady Macbeth are the people with the most power over Macbeth\'s life. The more power that a person has, the more corrupt they become. Many different people in Macbeth have power, and there are different ways to be powerful
Characters in Macbeth, English-language films, British films, Regicides, House of Moray, Macbeth, Three Witches, Gruoch of Scotland, Duncan I of Scotland, Banquo, Macduff
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Pages 3-82 In the beginning, Lovey and her best friend, Jerry, are watching the Shirley Temple movie before they go to church. They never get to see the end because they have to go and leave. They make up the endings and cry in the middle of the pastor\'s sermon. On Lovey\'s birthday, Jerry would make her a gift certificate from the toy store for $500. Lovey is very embarrassed to be speaking pidgin English. She doesn\'t tell anyone, not even Jerry, how she is ashamed of how she talks, looks, o
Hawaiian literature, Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers, Gilligan's Wake
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Sophie\'s World by Jostein Gaarder Sophie\'s World is about the life of a 14 year-old girl called Sophie Amundsen. It takes you on a journey though 3000 years of Western philosophy, presenting important and in most cases annoying questions. This is the explanation of philosophy and philosophers given in the book: "A white rabbit is pulled out of a top hat. Because it is an extremely large rabbit, the trick takes many billions of years. All mortals are born at the very tip of the rabbit\'s fine h
Philosophical novels, Philosophy education, Sophie's World, Jostein Gaarder, Sophie
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Mythology is the study and interpretation of myth and the body of myths of a particular culture. Myth is a complex cultural phenomenon that can be approached from a number of viewpoints. In general, myth is a narrative that describes and portrays in symbolic language the origin of the basic elements and assumptions of a culture. Mythic narrative relates, for example, how the world began, how humans and animals were created, and how certain customs, gestures, or forms of human activities origina
Names of God, Eleusinian Mysteries, Greek underworld, Greek mythology, Deities, Twelve Olympians, Zeus, Hestia, Persephone, Olympian Gods, Olympians, Pluto
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Canada\'s Water Crisis-Do we Sell? Since more than 70% of the Earth is covered with water, one would assume that there is enough water for everyone. However, this statement would be incorrect. Only 3% of that water is considered usable and 2% of the usable water is locked in the polar ice caps. This leaves 1% of that water for the use of humans. Canada possesses a substantial amount of this water, while other countries are less fortunate. One of these countries is the United States of America, t
Hydrology, Water supply, Aquatic ecology, Futurology, Water scarcity, Water security, Interbasin transfer, Canada, Fresh water, Water, Manitoba, Water export
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The Theme of Friendship in Mamet\'s "American Buffalo" In his \'American Buffalo,\' Mamet renders the world of business, where selfishness and opportunism hold control over different matters and exclude friendship, as one of the noble sentiments, from their calculations. For instance, Fletch, a card player, makes a deal with Ruthie, another card player and a friend of his, to buy some of her pig iron. However, he steals her pig iron, and, consequently, they became separated. Don comments on that
English-language films, American Buffalo, Fletch, Friendship
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My mind’s in turmoil My heart is torn two ways Little did I know That tonight would be in such dismay As tears streak down my cheeks Down Memory Lane I take a peek There he sat in a small cage, A contented yawn and sleepy gaze. Midnight black with two white socks, Emblazoned on his chest- a bold, bright cross Round as a ball on four small paws, In love I fell, the first sight I saw. Took him home in my arms, First thing he did was pee all around. My father yelled, my mother sighed, But I melted
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Isabel leaned her forehead down on the windowpane and sighed deeply. The icy glass seared her burning flesh and sent a rattling shiver down her spine that reverberated to her fingertips. She peered into the room almost longingly. The first thing that caught her eye was the crackling fire dancing in the old, brick fireplace. The light from the fire flickered on the walls, illuminating and casting shadows all at once on the black and white photographs that hung all around the room. The pictures w
Erin Hannon, NYPD Blue
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I used to think being a guy would be so much easier then being a girl. Never worrying about the constant need to meet perfection or attaining a social expectation. That was until my 14 year old brother started complaining about how his feet were too ugly because he has hairs on his toes, deciding whether or not he should shave them. Having a lot of really close male friends, it has made me realize, that they too, are sweating off pounds, spending hours getting ready and watching “what’s hot” so
Medicine, Clinical medicine, Health, Eating disorders, Abnormal psychology, Culture-bound syndromes, Psychiatric diagnosis, RTT, Plastic surgery, Body image, Gynecomastia, Liposuction
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