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The ancient Romans are famous for many things. One thing is their adaptation and development of architecture. From the Etruscans and early tribes the Romans found most of their basic architectural skills. From the Greeks some components of Roman architecture were adapted. Which gives some early Roman architecture some characteristics of oriental architecture because of Greek contact with the Orient. The heart of Roman architecture was the Roman forum, which was really being constructed under th
Ancient Roman architecture, Julio-Claudian dynasty, Cleopatra, Ancient Roman religion, Augustus, Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, Roman Forum, Forum of Caesar, Roman temple, Rome, Hellenistic period
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Mernissi makes the claim that "Any man who believes that a Muslim woman who fights for her dignity and right to citizenship excludes herself necessarily from the a man who misunderstands his own religious heritage, his own cultural identity" (Mernissi viii). She goes about supporting this claim by delving into the very detailed documentation of Islam history. She attributes misogyny in the past and present Muslim culture to the male elite. She gives many examples of how Muhammad and I
First Fitna, Sahabah, Arab Muslims, Quraish, The Fourteen Infallibles, Hadith, Battle of the Camel, Women in Islam, Abu Hurairah, Islam, Dua, Muhammad
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Christmas The year\'s most celebrated holiday is celebrated on December 25th, both in homes and churches worldwide. The meaning for Christmas is to recognize Christ\'s birth, of which the exact date is not known. During the fourth century the Bishop of Rome set December 25th as Christ\'s birth date. Some authorities claim that the choice of December 25th was made because it coincided with Chanukah, Mithraic\'s feast of the sun god, and the people of northern Europe\'s winter solstice feast. The
Winter holidays, Christmas traditions, Traditions, Christmas, Public holidays in Sweden, Santa Claus, Jul, Public holidays in the United States, Christmas controversy
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John Neufeld is the author of "Lisa Bright & Dark". He lives and works in New York City these days. He was educated at Yale. His style of writing are usually touching stories. Finding information about John Neufeld is quite difficult since the Internet nor the book has provided any help whatsoever. Lisa Shilling is the main character of this book. She is just sixteen as she slowly loses her mind. Lisa is quite an example of teenager with problems which is why she\'d be classified as a very real
Lisa Simpson
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Mattie Rigsbee is the main character in Clyde Edgerton\'s southern style novel, Walking Across Egypt. Mattie is a seventy-eight year old widow with two middle-aged children. Living alone in a small house, she makes sure that everything is taken care of. She cooks, cleans, mows the lawn, and takes up numerous responsibilities with the church. She is a very caring person with many friends and a family that loves her dearly. At the time this novel takes place, Mattie is at a turning point in her l
English-language films, Films, Walking Across Egypt, Cinema of the United States, A Northern Light, Ethan Frome
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For the last seven years Kim had been seeing her high school sweetheart Patrick who was a volunteer firefighter and they were going to get married soon. Kim was a simple girl, not different than any one else her age. She went to work, home, and out with her friends. Last week, Patrick left their home during the middle of the night when he received an emergency call from the fire station. There was a forest fire on the east side of town. Kim was used to these unexpected phone calls, because he r
Patrick Trueman
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To what extent does Othello represent the idea of the tragic hero? The ‘Poetics’ of Aristotle are extremely significant when distinguishing the characteristics of tragedy, and particularly important when analysing the character of Othello as a tragic hero. Aristotle writes that there are certain qualities which define a tragic hero: peripeteia, the undergoing of a downfall; hamartia, evidence of a fatal flaw; anagnorisis, recognition of these flaws; and catharsis, the purging of emotions from t
Literature, Othello, Entertainment, Fiction, Ancient Greek theatre, Narratology, Plot, English-language films, Roderigo, Brabantio, Iago, Hamartia
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Title of book: Animal Farm Author of book: George Orwell Number of pages: 144 pages Setting: An imaginary farm in England Time: Animal Farm is not set in a specified time period. Although Orwell did not write a historical piece, he based this novel on the Russian Revolution. The story’s actions and messages, however, are ongoing activities in modern society. Most important aspect of novel: After researching the author, one finds out George Orwell is actually the pen name of Eric Blair, an advoc
British films, Cold War films, Animal Farm, Films, Napoleon, Squealer, Snowball, Old Major, Jones, George Orwell, Domestic pig, Russian Revolution
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explain what Columbus expected to find in the Indies, how his reports reflected these findings Although the journals and diaries, in which Christopher Columbus is said to have recorded his discoveries, have long been lost to us and the ones that remain are not the originals, these works may not tell the whole story, or even possibly the truth of his discoveries. This essay will endeavor to explain what Columbus expected to find in the Indies, how his reports reflected these findings and the dece
Spanish colonization of the Americas, Christopher Columbus, Age of Discovery, Spanish West Indies, Colony of Santo Domingo, New World, Conquistador, La Isabela, Columbus, Ohio, Catholic Monarchs, Spanish Empire, Voyages of Christopher Columbus
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Overpopulation in China China and overpopulation are two words that have become synonymous over the years. Overpopulation in China has become a global issue as China is the most populous country in the world and its contribution to the international community is extremely significant. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that a country with a high population is an overpopulated country. To clarify the meaning of overpopulation, here is a little description. Overpopulation in a country occurs whe
Demography, Population, Human overpopulation, World population, One-child policy, Family planning, Overpopulation, Birth rate, Population growth, Fertility, China, Famine
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