3) File-sharing not a long-term viable option Napster\'s user base (57 million in January 2001) has shown that consumers want free music and information sharing. The average Napster user logged on the service for over 13 hours each week, and in January of this year, 2.66 billion songs were downloaded using the Napster system (6). Many analysts and consumers believe that P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file-sharing is a good option for free distribution of music regardless of the outcome of the Napster court rulings. But as the courts begin to regulate the online music industry, the popularity of file-sharing will begin to fade. Many consumers will shift to subscriptions when they compare these new models with the disadvantages of current file sharing technology: dropped connections, slow transfer speeds and smaller amounts of content/songs being shared. Webnoize estimates that the total number of subscribers paying $20 a month for media archive services will reach 12 million by 2003 (7).