A comparison of the attitudes to fear in Essays and Papers

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A comparison of the attitudes to fear in

This essay will begin to look at the stories, ‘The Darkness Out There' and ‘The Red
Room.' Both of these stories seem to hold at first glance similar themes but closer
reading and analysis show the reader that there are different attitudes to the main theme

This essay will try and take the main ideas and compare the differences in attitude
towards ghosts, fear of the supernatural and the state of mind of the main characters
through the author's use of language.

The emotion fear, is found quit differently between the two stories, The Darkness Out
There is set in an area in the woods, its an area where people do not want to go alone
this means that people are scared of the area. However, The Red Room The Red Room, is a
room in an old house, it's a room that frightens people hence, people do not want to go
into the red room.

The people living around each place have their own myths and stories of the supernatural.
In The Darkness Out There, little children made up stories that there were witches and
wolves at Packers End. Even the main character, who doesn't believe in witches and wolves
anymore, but is still frightened of it for other reasons such as rapists / killers which
are defined as prowling blokes / gypsy type blokes. Adults however tend to believe that
they could hear German's talking on their radios and that voices came out of branches. In
The Red Room however only, the old people that live in the house have stories to tell they
believe that the red room is haunted.

A major similarity between both stories is the fact that no one has actually seen any of
the things that the people are afraid of. However, the attitudes in response to the myths
for both characters are completely different. In The Darkness Out There, the main
character is also frightened of the myths told and believes them whereas in THE Red Room,
H.G. Wells has portrayed the main character as not scared and he uses phrases such as
‘it would take a very tangible ghost to frighten me' and ‘if I see anything tonight, I
shall be so much the wiser. For I come to the business with an open mind' to describe his

In The Darkness Out There the history of Packers End is told by Mrs Rutter, the writer has
chosen the history to be told by an elderly woman to young children this is aimed to
frighten the children more, she also

shows confidence ‘if your nervy you get bothered about things like Packers End' and is
not scared of the area, which may also be intimidating. However, in The Red Room old
people that have lived in the house tell the history. The main character does not seem to
believe them and feels that the old people are trying to enhance the spiritual terrors of
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