Abortion has been one of the hottest political issues over a number of years. The issue of abortion is a huge debate between pro-lifers, people against abortion, and pro-choicers, people who support abortion. Since the Roe v. Wade court case in 1973, which legalized abortion, laws dealing with abortion have been altered in each individual state. Due to these laws, organizations such as the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Feminists for Life of America (FFL), have been created to debate the issues of abortion and stand up for what they believe. The laws in Pennsylvania and the Christian Bible have their own perspective on this “hot button” topic of abortion. These sources have similar and opposing opinions that offer a never-ending argument on this issue.
The abortion debate is an issue that will never come to be settled. If the law remains as is and keeps abortion legal there will always be a debate. If the law changes and makes abortion illegal the debate will still remain. Either way, everyone will not always be happy. People will always have their own point of view, which can not be changed by any means.
The main reason the issue of abortion is so debatable relies on the question if the procedure is killing an unborn child or simply removing a fetus. According to the Bible, which anti-abortionists support condemns the unlawful murder of an innocent, unborn human being (Warren and Dwiggins 19??). Abortionists refer to the unborn child as a fetus because it has no life-like features and it is only an aspect of her body.
Whether or not a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body is another issue of abortion. The woman’s right to reproductive rights is one of the main components in NOW’s argument A letter written by NOW’s Patricia Ireland to abortion providers on the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, expresses the organization’s concern for women’s rights. “Without you bravery and commitment to reproductive rights, women across the country would not have access to exercise our constitutional rights” (Ireland 1999). Ireland refers to the woman’s rights to have an abortion is constitutional but on the other hand, many look at the perspective of the unborn child’s rights.
The Feminists for Life of America also defends women’s rights and believe they do not come at the expense of others, especially those of the women’s preborn children (FFL 1998). The FFL also believes that a woman deserves the right to control her body no matter where she lives; even if she’s still living inside her mother’s womb (FFL 1998). Others make look at the view of “there are no rights of arms or of tumors or of any piece of tissue growing within a woman, even if it has the capacity to become in time a human being”(Rand qtd. in Stubblefield 1997). These two opposing sides illustrate why this issue will never be settled.
Violence is another issue viewed differently among both sides of this argument. The pro-choice activists do not view the actual procedure of abortion as violence as opposed to the pro-life activists, but create violence went protesting against it. Pro-choice activists argue some anti-abortionists are violent when protesting outside of clinics, bombing clinics, and murdering abortion healthcare workers. The Pennsylvania delegates of the House of Representatives
“express its total condemnation of the use of such violence,…commend
those who are able to reasonably and rationally express opposing
viewpoints through nonviolent means; and…encourage all of the citizens
of this commonwealth to respect the viewpoints and condemn violence”
(H. Res. 26 (1995) qtd. in NARAL).
NOW also denotes this violence against abortion clinics and healthcare workers. Every week NOW activists and other clinic escorts across the country stand up to abortion protesters who try to block entrances to clinics and intimidate patients, doctors, and staff (Ireland 1999). Although the Christian Bible condemns the unlawful murder of an innocent child it also condemns the murder of abortion doctors or clinic workers under any circumstances (Warren and Dwiggins 19??). An average of two of these violent attacks occurs each month (Ireland 1999). On October 23, 1998, an Anti-abortionist sniper with a high-powered rifle kills Dr. Barnett Slepian in Amherst, NY, through his window. This act of violence, taking someone’s life, contradicts the anti-abortionist view