AC Greeen

A.C Green by A.C Green . Green tells about his life and how he made it to
the NBA .He also tells how he got closer to God and accepted him as his savior
. He also explains , that Christ is more important than cars and money

Green was born in Portland , Oregon were he was loved by both of his
parents . When Green got to High School he decided to play basketball for his
school. He was the best player in his school . When they got to the State
Championship they barely won by one point and were the champions .Then
after that Green is selected to be the All-Metro area player of the year . When he
was growing up just before going to the University of Oregon he accepts God as
his savior.

When Green had free time in the University he would encourage College
students to read the Bible , know God and follow his commands . He would
also preach to them about how good is to be a Christian and he would proudly
say that he was a Christian .When he was playing basketball for Oregon State he
was drafted to the Lakers . After graduating from Oregon State ,Green moves to
L.A to play for the Lakers .That year Green wins his first NBA championship
with the Lakers . When he lived in L.A he formed A.C Green Foundation for
Youth to help build hope, confidence , and self esteem in young people. When
he played his second year for the Lakers they won the NBA Championship . In
his third year playing professional basketball he signed a contract to play for the
Phoenix Suns .

A.C green is a pretty cool including the book for people who love sports ,
it influenced me to speak out more about God and love him more every day . An
example of that is when he raised his hand at church and wasn\'t afraid to tell
about God and saying that he got saved . Counting 1-10 I would rate this a 7.