Ben Franklin1

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706. His parents are named Josiah and Abiah Franklin. He lives with a family of 17 children. He\'s the youngest out of 10 boys. He lived on Milkstreet in Boston Massachusets. He went to elementry school for two years. He went to work for his brother James a printer in 1718. In 1724-1726, Governor William Keith of Pennsylvania, broke promises and left Benjamin stranded in London. He was a printer for a year and a half before returning to his home. In 1728, Benjamin Franklin sets himself up in the printing business. In 1730 he marries Deborah (Read) Rogers. Benjamin retires his job as a printer devoting his life to scientific reaserch and good works in 1748. In 1752, Franklin and his son William, lead his famous kite experiment. He wrote a letter to his friend about his amazing musical instrument called the armonica. In 1776, Franklin helps Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. In 1784, he enevnted glasses commenting that it helps him "hear\'\' better because he can now see the food on his plate and see the peoples\' mouths open when they speak French. In 1785, he signs the treaty, then goes back to Philadalphia. When he was 81, he went to the Constitutional Convention and made important contributions. On the night of April 17, 1790, he dies when he was 84 in Philadalphia.