Big Red

I read the book Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard. It is a realistic fiction about a boy named Danny who lives with his dad way out in the woods. He gets a champion Irish Setter named Big Red and calls him Red. They go hunting a lot and Danny really loves Red.

Big Red would make a good movie because it\'s really interesting and there\'s lots of action that happens. Like when Danny firs brings Red home, Red runs after a grizzly bear that is really mean and stuff and he runs after it for hours and Red traps him on a rock. He\'s the only dog ever to do that. Another interesting part is when they go after the big cat that killed one of Danny\'s father\'s hounds and hurt Ross, Danny\'s father. When Red and Danny go out they shoot a deer whose antler traps Danny\'s foot. All night Danny thinks Red is barking and growling at some leaves blowing around making small noises but its really the cat. If Red weren\'t there Danny would have got killed. A few days later Ross finds Danny and tells him it was the cat stalking him and not the wind. Near the beginning the guy who gives Red to Danny takes him to a dog show and there is lots of description of New York city and the dog show place and the house they stay in. Danny helps Red win the show ! by standing downwind and letting his scent cheer up Red. Red wins best of breed or something and becomes and official champion. Near the end Mr. Haggin, the guy who gave Red to Danny, sends him another dog. The new dog, Sheilah, makes friends with Ross though. Old Magesty the bear kills Ross\' other 3 hounds and hurts Ross and Red and Danny go after him.

I think this is a very good book and that it would make a good movie. Actually it is a movie, but I never saw it. I want to though. Everyone who likes dogs should read Big Red.