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Persuasive essay

Would you like to get a high paying job? Then you need to go to school. Without an education you canít get a get good job. An education is what you need.
An education is a great accomplishment. A higher education can get you a higher paying
Job. Without money you canít get things, and
Without education you would be working at
McDonaldís or something, if you had a education you could be something better, now if
You want to be a lawyer you need a degree. Thatís why an education important.
Getting an education is what the smart thing to do is. Donít get me wrong though itís hard to get an education. I think the main reason why people drop out is because they probably get bored and canít take it going to school. The way I see it is you place in your head that when you get out of collage your going to get a great high paying job. I guarantee that if you get an education you will get a high paying job. Now donít you want a high paying job?