Place: BluePrint (nightclub)
Time 12:00a.m – 3:00a.m
Date: Feb 13, 2005

#1 Observation: The nightclub is located near downtown Toledo on Monroe Street just three blocks from mud hens stadium (observation). The blueprint night club is one of Toledo’s most popular hip hop night clubs (generalization). As soon as you walk up to the building you are greeted by huge windows so you can see into the club and see all the party goers (observation). As you walk into the club you are immediately greeted by bouncers checking you for weapons (observation). Inside of the club there is a bar right in the middle of the floor that forms a U so you can have easy access to get your drinks (observation). The very small V.I.P section is very crowed with 5 guys and 24 women (I counted) (observation). The party goers are almost entirely African American (looks to be about 95% or more) (observation).
Hypothesis: 1) everyone that goes to the blue print night club loves hip hop. To test this hypothesis I will have to ask people in the club if they all like hip hop. I asked a total of 10 people and 9 out of the ten said they like hip hop. The one person that said they did not like hip hop said the only reason they were there is because a lot of people goes to the club and they wanted to meet new people.
#2 Observation: As soon as you walk into the club you are greeted by load music and a crowed of people (observation). Everyone’s either dancing or talking to someone (generalization). The scent of the club is a mixture of liquor, sweat, and perfume (observation). You can feel everyone’s body on you because it is so crowded (observation). The club is very hot because of the crowd in the club (observation). There is neon lighting inside of the club giving it a cozy feel (generalization). There is an area in the back of the club that has tables and chairs that you can use if you want to set down for a second but that whole time I was there I did not see an empty chair (generalization). The D.J played hip hop music all night (observation).
Hypothesis: 1) Even though most Americans love there personal space Americans love going to night clubs that are crowded. To test this hypothesis I asked another ten people would they every stay at a club that was playing the exact same music that they heard tonight if only 5 people were at the club all of them said no. So I asked way they said the more people at a place just gives it more excitement. Another person said because the main reason people go to night clubs is because they want to meet more people.
#3 Observation: As soon as you walk into the Blueprint you are greeted to everyone dancing (generalization). There are are waitresses taking people there drinks (observation). There is also the D.J changing records and mixing songs (observation). When people enter they search out people they know and shake hands and chit chat (generalization). Everyone enters very happy and excited (generalization). The bouncers walk around all night to make sure there is no trouble (observation). People are talking, dancing, and drinking (observation). There are people on the dance floor doing the latest dances (observation). When its time to leave the club most people are sweaty from dancing, drinking, or the crowd (observation). The guys are trying to talk to all the beautiful women to get there phone numbers (generalization). There are a couple of people in the corner of the crowded club trying to talk on cell phones (observation).
Hypothesis: 1) If you are looking to start a relationship with someone why go to a night club to pick someone up instead of a church. To test this hypothesis I will ask 10 people. And ask them if they like to meet people in the night club more or do they like meeting people at church. 2) People like live D.J’s better then c.ds just playing. Why do most nightclubs have D.J’s why don’t the just create a mix c.d and play it that way they don’t have to pay someone. To test this I will ask several patrons