Boxing is fun
Boxing is one of my favorite thing, because it make me feel like a real men, train my focus, and improve my agility. there are so many kind of punch and movement in boxing like Jab, Straight,hook, uppercut Step, Ducking,Swing, Slip,double cover and many more. Jab it self is you hit using left hand, and straight using right hand,both used for long attack , so your hand have to like a line, and target of jab and straight used to on face or on pit of stomach. Hook, there are right and left hook. The function of hook is to attack a side part your opponent like on jaw. If you hit your opponent on jaw strongly, I sure that your opponent will be KO, because jaw is a vital area, that is a reasaon why an boxer always keep close their jaw using their hand. Slip and ducking are two of method to avoid your opponent attacking. Double cover is a defence method using both of your hand in front of your face, and last one, Step, is the importan basic to set your feet movement and control your belance.
Boxing is fun (revision)
Boxing is one of my favorite things, it makes me feel like a real man, because boxing is a heavy sport, and I think that boxing is played by only one who has strong mentally and physically. Why did I say that boxing is heavy sport? Because the boxing exercise and boxing game or match are really needed much of your stamina and energy, for example (this example, according my experience) the coach will get you to ran 12 minute without stop, push up until 100 times in three section it means 300 push up in each your exercise,sit up,and many more. It may be so hard for me, but I like it,because I got a benefit from that like decreasing my weight, improve my endurance and many more, but those are not enough, you have to focus and always concentration because if you lost it when you fight your opponent will be easier to attack you, so keep your concentration. No more people can survive in this sport they think that Boxing is tedious ,make them more tired especially in exercise method,and they lost motivation, so need strong mentality , physically and the important thing “motivation”. Everything begins by a motivation and your mindset. If you think that boxing is fun, it will be fun.