Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi is the only one university in Sukabumi. There are so many departments there, such as Law Department, English department, administration and business departments, economic department, agricultural and many more. In Muhammadiyah University also has so many student associations and club there, such as Basketball club, Football club, badminton club, karate, boxing, taekwondo, Mapalu, ( student association for environmental and adventure activity) and many more. in my view the most interesting of all of those association is Mapalu. Mapalu is student association for environmental and adventure activity. Their activity is really useful for our environment, they have programs like reforestation and planting to take care the nature , beside it Adventure activity is the really fun activity, they used to adventure to the mountain and cave. On the peak of the mountain they not only just stay and enjoy the view, but also always do data collection to that mountain like what\'s in there, how the track, and everything about that mountain and cave and then they make a report about that to publish like on the Internet . That is really useful for us, perhaps you can picturing if you want to a mountain ,if you do not know everything about that mountain and you do not have a mountaineering skill, the Data of that mountain is really needed by you to prepare what would you need . So data is really important and you can access the data at Mapalu. Not only to mountain and cave or we always mention it as land adventure, Mapalu also does activity on water like rafting spots. In climbing like Rock climbing and wall climbing. That is really fun activity for me. That is why I really interested to Mapalu. The social activity is one of their activities beside adventure and something which relates with the environment. If there is a natural disaster they always give their hand to help. That is a good student association at the Muhammadiyah university of Sukabumi, so join it.