Canterbury Tales

Throughout history all different parts of the world have been devastated by natural disasters. Whenever something created by nature destroys a certain area of the world, people tend to group together and overcome such a tragedy. Our tale will begin in one of the busiest and diverse places in the world, New York City. The month was September and the day started off a bit chilly for an early fall day and the wind was blowing hard. Warnings had been posted for possible hurricane conditions, and the city had become a frenzy of activity. Some were busy preparing for a possible devastating hurricane and gathering supplies while others were going about their daily routine unaffected by the chaos surrounding them.
As they day progressed the sky became darker and the wind picked up strength. The possibility of a storm occurring increased by the minutes and soon became a citywide warning. By this time most people were able to understand that a violent and unpredictable storm was about to overtake the city, but there were still some who didn’t believe the reports from the weather channel. Soon the rain started coming down in sheets and the wind increased to hurricane style conditions topping over 100 mph. Power was lost quickly and buildings and homes were being ripped apart from the wind and debris flying about. Parts of the city were damaged severely from the beginning effects of the hurricane and there were people in need of help. The city officials prepared ahead of time and set up shelters for those who needed protection and assistance. I for one decided to take the opportunity and reside in a shelter for the vast majority of the passing storm. As the storm progressed outside, the shelters quickly filled up with terrified city-dwellers unable to predict what was occurring outside of shelter walls. Natural disasters can bring about a caring and sensitive side in people, and those seeking comfort and relieve are able to turn to those around them to receive this ease.
The shelter I was residing in happened to gather an interesting and diverse group of people. Myself and 24 others turned to relied on each other and gathered together in a cluster and began to converse. Maybe they just wanted take their minds off of the hurricane outside, or maybe they were just bored out of their minds, but whatever our reasons may have been does not matter. Because this gathering occurred allows me to tell you this tale
It was hard to make small talk among such a large group so I came up with a different idea. I remember reading a book back when I was in high school where a group of people told stories to pass their time on a long journey they were all taking together. I figured that since none of us were going to be leaving anytime soon that we might give it a try. I suggested it to everyone and surprisingly they all agreed. I explained to them the basic storyline of the book that I was mimicking and they all felt that it would be interesting to see who could come up with the most interesting and realistic story that provided all the basics of humor and romance rolled into one. It was decided that after everyone completed his or her tale that we would take a vote to see which tale the majority enjoyed most. The winner would then receive a prize that would be determined later. Before I begin the stories, let me give you an introduction to each one of the people that I was gathered with. I will present you with each character in the order that they introduced themselves.
I’ll begin with the low-budget porn star. He is an out of work actor who had to turn to making cheesy porn flicks so he could survive and pay his bills. He was just waiting for his big break to come along so he could make it into real show business and become more well known outside of his typical porn circle. He was born and raised as a New Yorker and he has the New York accent to go with it. You can sense