Character Analysis Kazia from the Wedding Gift

Kezia is an orphan, brought up by her adopted parents Mr. and Mrs. Barclay who have a strong bind over her. Throughout The Wedding Gift, Kezia experiences an evolution which helps her discover her strengths needed to break free from the servility that her parents had made her so accustomed. Perhaps it is this, which leads Kezia to rebel, in the hopes that she can be rid of her acquired shackles and move on with the life of which she had so hoped for. Kezia is of the age of twenty-two and very headstrong in her ways. She protests against her parents for arranging a union with Mr. Hathaway, but circumstances of bad weather prevent their marriage, thus causing the matrimony between Mr. Mears and herself to ensue. Since Kezia has lived in Nova Scotia for a long period of time she is well equipped for the weather and dresses and acts accordingly. She has an excessive amount of knowledge regarding survival which she uses to teach and better equip Mr. Mears in lessons of life. As evidence of this, Kezia proves herself several times to be a strong and willful woman. First, when she confronts the idea that a bear might be at the door of the cabin in which Mr. Mears and her stay one long winter night. Kezia immediately knows that it is not a bear, and casually assumes the strange nose to be a caribou or moose. She goes to inspect without fear knowing there to be no danger, proving herself to be more intellectual and practical then most women during the seventeenth century, who would probably cower in the corner. Finally second, when she takes control of her own life after deciding that she will be a slave to no man. Kezia throws away the tinderbox as she becomes secure in being her own person as she decides how she wants to live her life. Kazia gradually encounters the path necessary to lead her to the road of freedom, which she had so long desired.