Civil Liberties

As Benjamin Franklin once said “A people who would trade liberty for security deserve neither”. I totally agree in that we as the people of the United States should not ask for greater safety at the price of liberty. I feel that the government does not have the power to limit our First Amendment rights. The people of this country hold the power and politicians are merely their puppets. These leaders can ask for all kinds of authority during a time like this but all it would take is a string backlash from the public for them to back down. What is it about a time like this that renders these rights so unnecessary? People fought incredibly hard and gave their lives for these standards and for us to discard them at a time like this is disgraceful.
These rights were put in a place specifically for times like this when they would be tested and there is no way that they can be compromised. Doing so would render them useless forever. If they don’t apply then, why should they apply now could be the cry heard in thirty years. The foundation of our nation was built upon those ten amendments and though our nation might not stand solely upon them today, they play a vital part of our lives today. Without these rules, where would our country be today? That cannot be answered but I can argue that life would be much different. This idea that if we suddenly overthrow our constitution, that we’re safe, that doesn’t work.
As I earlier sated, the government does not possess the power to limit our first amendment rights. Sadly to say, the number one thing to politicians is re-election. When faced with a strong-opposition from the voting public, they will back down. It is our job and duty as free citizens to fight to protect our rights given to us in the Bill of Rights. I feel that many people now don’t truly realize what is going on and what exactly they are being stripped off. They are letting their feelings of anger and revenge override their need for liberty. This is something that can be chalked up as a learning experience for our country. When the smoke has cleared, people will scratch their heads and wonder what happened during these times. It is a pattern established by our nation many generations ago, and unfortunately, it continues. Maybe this time we will actually get it right and not let it happen again.
The United States, widely viewed as the greatest nation in the world, needs to set a standard here. Something needs to be included in the constitution that would curb this practice of restricting rights during a “time of crisis”. Maybe a waiting period could be instituted that would end the process of rash decisions such as those that were recently made by our government. We as the people need to stand up to our government so that we can look back on these times in regret of what happen to our people instead of what government did in response.