Civil Rights Movements has had a lot of prominent figures. However, two have shared the same successful method of nonviolence protest. The two leaders that share this method are Mohandis Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through Nonviolence protest they have achieved their goals and reached many people as a result. Though they lived in a different era than I, both of them have left their legacy through their writing.
Mohandis Gandhi left many works explaining his nonviolence theories. However, in his "Hind Swarf or Indian Rule" we learn a lot of him and his ways, especially the way he spreads his ideas. Gandhi is a writer that wants to get his point across and nothing matters but getting it across. That is why he writes very literal as well as with imagery. He uses a lot of examples to try and paint a picture in your mind about what he is saying. Gandhi makes up situations which he thinks a person would act violently too and show us how he would handle the situation nonviolently.
Martin Luther King Jr., on the other hand is different. Even though he also believed in nonviolent protest, he differed from Gandhi in the way he formulated his ideas. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used speeches and he quoted works such as the Bible. Full of sincerity, respect and leadership, Dr. King managed to turn something as awkward as prison and the reason he was in prison into something honorable. Though the cause for his mishap is honorable because he fought for civil rights, prison is just a topic society has categorized as a negative. However, he brings it out to be, for his cause, one of the strongest tools in nonviolent protesting.
Mohandis K. Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are probably the most respected civil rights activists on the plant called Earth today. The reason for that is simple. They both achieved their goals without an ethnic war. Other activist would have used other methods such as terrorism, which would have resulted in many lives lost. They proved nonviolence works!