Comforts of Home Notes

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Comforts of Home Notes

The Comforts of Home

Character Description ¡V

Sarah Ham:
,± ¡§Nymphomaniac¡¨ Pg. 117
,± ¡§¡Konly nineteen years old.¡¨ Pg. 119
,± ¡§Congenital liar.¡¨ Pg. 121
,± ¡§Her hair was cut like a dog¡¦s or an elf¡¦s and she was dressed in the latest fashion.¡¨ Pg. 122

,± ¡§It was the first time in his thirty-five years¡K¡¨ Pg. 116
,± ¡§Thomas loved his mother.¡¨ Pg. 118
,± ¡§Thomas had inherited his father¡¦s reason with his ruthlessness and his
mother¡¦s love of good without her tendency to pursue it.¡¨ Pg. 121

,± ¡§Born without the moral faculty ¡V like somebody else would be born without a kidney or a leg.¡¨ Pg. 118

Themes ¡V

Domestic Disruption:
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