Comic elements of the Comedy of Errors

In Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors there is a blend of oblivious ironies throughout the parody. When reading the comedy it seems as though the characters should realize what is going on but in all reality is impossible for them to know. It is very festive how the story seems to be almost going in circles and going nowhere at the same time, but in fact is going somewhere. All the characters are being led back together again.
The story almost ceases to be festive in several sections but just as it seems all is lost, it takes a turn for the better and is redeemed. When Adriana and Luciana are conversing about marital problems and issues it seems to loose gist, but then picks right back up where it left off before. One the most festive sections of the comedy is the scene where Antipholus of Syracuse and Dromio of Syracuse are conversing about the “kitchen wench,” Luce. It is very humorous that Dromio seems to think that she is “spherical, like a globe” and they discuss where the countries are located on her quite large body.
Shakespeare seems to be pulling emotional strings by trying to make the reader feel sorry for the characters while showing a corrupt side as well. In the beginning Egeon is sentenced to die because of a crime, but then he tells his story and makes you feel compassion for him and the rest of the characters that are in relation to him. Also you see a side of both Antipholus’ that show their temper and make you feel less sympathetic for them. He wants you to feel that Antipholus of Syracuse will leave Ephesus without ever meeting his brother, but as the story concludes he finds his brother as well as his mother and father. Shakespeare wants the reader to feel many different emotions while reading or watching this comedy of errors and has succeeded.