CompareContrast GoreBush

The United States is in a very unusual situation right now as most people know. We still
haven’t come up with a president. The effects of the candidate we elect for our next president
may change my life and may not. If Bush is elected, everything I believe and stand up for will
stay the same. I really hope he will become the next president because he will ensure the
protection of my rights. If Gore were elected as our next president, my life could seriously be
effected. There are several issues that Gore supports that I am very much against. His beliefs on
abortion and agriculture are a couple of issues I strongly disagree with, but the main one that I
want to address in this essay is the topic of gun control.
First of all, I would like to state a few things about myself and my background. I was
raised on a farm and lived there my whole life. Both of my parents and there families have
always liked to hunt. I started hunting when I was about 12 years old. My dad owns close to
twenty guns. My grandpa owns about thirty guns and I have an uncle who owns around twenty
guns also. I myself own three guns and both of my brothers own three guns. There aren’t many
things my family and I would rather do than go out hunting. We wouldn’t be able to do this
without guns.
If Gore were elected to be our president there would be a big chance that we would all
lose our guns. He wants to put so many restrictions on buying and selling guns that it would be
virtually impossible to get one. Now he may or may not be able to accomplish that, but he will
surely push the issues during his whole presidency until he gets his way. Even with a Republican
legislature, it can happen. Clinton succeeded in pushing a couple laws through Congress dealing
with gun control. They might not have been all that big of a deal to us, but it is a start for the
Democrats. If Clinton could do it, who’s to say Gore can’t do the same. Gore thinks that guns
are the cause of all crimes which is not true. No gun is the reason someone dies. It is the person
using the gun who kills people. No one can blame guns or the people who make them for what
they are used for. I agree that they need to be kept out of the hands of people who have misused
them before, not out of the hands of everyone. The right to keep and bear arms is stated in the
second amendment of the Constitution. Ever since we have been a nation, we have been allowed
to own guns. This is a very important aspect of a country. If the government takes away our
guns, who is going to stop the government from turning into a dictatorship and eventually taking
all of our rights from us. This is exactly what happened to Germany when Hitler started taking
over. He took the peoples rights and then took over the country. This is what could happen if
things really went bad. We probably won’t have to worry about that happening, but harsh gun
control laws could ruin the hunting tradition for me and my family and future family. We can’t
let this happen. There are billions of people who love to hunt just like I do, and people who
support gun control are trying to take hunting away from us.
There are some other effects of gun control that could come back on those who try to
enforce them. Trying to take guns away from people who have had them and used them their
whole lives for nothing more than to hunt and sport shooting could result in a lot of upset hunters
who would be willing to do almost anything to keep their guns. I know I will do anything to
keep mine. Taking guns from people like me and other die hard hunters could lead to big riots
and even people getting hurt because they agree with gun control. I know it sounds a little far
fetched, but this could even lead to assassination. I hate to see something like this to happen, but
it is possible if someone gets too upset and wants to take matters into his own hands. Gun
control is a