Count of Monte Cristo

There are many subplots involving The Count of Monte

Cristo\'s adversaries. The first one started out in Rome where the

count met two young men, Albert de Morcerf and Franz d\'Epinay.

The Count became a great friend to the two young men and even

saved Albert\'s life when the "Italian bandit," Luigi Vampa,

captured him. Luckily Vampa was a loyal friend to the count and

obeyed his command to release Albert. Albert eventually

introduced the count to Paris society and to his many friends.

The next subplot was when The Count of Monte Cristo

bought the house in Auteuil. His servant Bertuccio had a history

with that house that involved Monsieur de Villefort. He later told

that story to the count and introduced Benedetto, which later

became Andrea Cavalcanti. Benedetto was the son of Villefort

and Madame Danglars, which was presumed dead and was burried

and left to die if Bertuccio did not dig the baby up. Benedetto

later led a life of crime and left Bertuccio, who raised him.

The next subplot was when Benedetto was introduced to the

Count of Monte Cristo as Andrea Cavalcanti. He took on this role

and was given a fake father. Andrea then became the good friend

of the count\'s, mainly because the count was to supply him with a

great amount of wealth.

The next subplot was when the count created the false

telegram that "King Don Carlos escaped the vigilance excercised

over him in Bourges and has returned to Spain across the

Catalonian frontier." This caused many people to sell their

Spanish bonds, including Baron Danglars, and to lose a lot of


The next subplot is when The Count of Monte Cristo invited

all of his "friends" to the country house he bought in Auteuil. This

house haunted two guests, Monsieur de Villefort and Madame

Danglars because this was the house which Madame Danglars

gave birth to Benedetto and where Villefort barried him. The

count showed the guests the garden which the baby was buried.

Then he told everyone a false story that he discovered a box which

contained a skeleton of a baby, but Villefort knew that was a lie

because he later went back to check on the box after he was

stabbed by Bertuccio, which was mentioned in Bertuccio\'s story.

He later told Madame Danglars what he knew and that arroused

suspicion towards The Count of Monte Cristo.

The next subplot was when members of the Villefort family

started dying. The first one to die was Monsieur de Saint-Meran,

Villefort\'s father-in-law. The next was Madame de Saint-Meran,

Villefort\'s mother-in-law. A doctor later discovered that they were

poisoned and later Barrois, Monsieur Noirtier\'s servant, was


The next subplot was when Andrea was later suprised when

Caderousse went up to Andrea just as he was going home after the

dinner at the count\'s country house. Caderousse later agreed that

he would never reveal Andrea\'s true identity to the Paris society for

a moderate sum each month which Andrea was forced to pay him.

Both of them later met up with each other where Caderousse

requested more money each month when Andrea gave him the

idea to rob The Count of Monte Cristo. Caderousse decided to

break into the count\'s house when he would be out of town but

Andrea sent a letter to the count telling him of Caderousse\'s plan.

The count eventually catches him in the act and reveals his identy

as Edmond Dantes and lets Caderousse go. As he was leaving,

Andrea saw that the count just let him go and he killed Caderousse


The next subplot was when the count published in the

newspaper that The Count of Morcerf (Fernand Mondego)

betrayed Ali Pasha in Yanina. Albert read this article when he was

away with the count and he hurried back to Paris. Fernand was

later tried and found guilty due to Haydee and the evidence she

brought forth. Fernand\'s name was scarred and he was destroyed.

Albert later challenged Monte Cristo to a duel after he found out

who was behind the downfall of his father. They both later

forgave each other due to Mercedes\'s convincing and she and

Albert left Paris together.

The next subplot was when Valentine was poisoned, but not

before Monsieur Noirtier made her immune