Daniel Jimenez
Humanity honors
Iliad book 19 and 20
Opening up in book 19, it starts off with Achilles mourning over the loss of his best friends and slowly becoming angry with the fact that he had died. At this point of the book he has still not yet returned back to war, because he has not been given the respect he wanted, but Achilles now has a new motivation to enter back into the war and that is the revenge the death of his friend, he no longer cares about gift and prizes but rather getting revenge for his friend. But what I wanted to point out was that how come he seems to only fight when he is angered and has rage. My question was that could Achilles ever be a real leader how he always originally wanted to be, when he seems to not care about his fellow fighters and seems to only fight for himself, rather than just keep to himself and constantly be praised by the whole army. My other question too was do you think that Achilles has a change of heart as a person and realize that not everything can be about him and that he can\'t only fight for himself but also fight for the ones that matter to him too, or is he only fighting because he saw it disrespectful that the other side would dare to kill his friend and he took it as it going against his honor so now he had to redeem himself and show that he was still just as powerful and god like as he is seen?