Daniel Keyes

Daniel Keyes was born in Brooklyn in 1927. Once an editor, he married a fashion photographer and had 2 daughters. Keyes was once an English teacher at Midwood High School for 6 years after getting his Bachelors and Masters Degree at Brooklyn College. He was also the junior commissioner for Wayne State University in Michigan.
Keyes won the Hugo award in Science Fiction for his short story, Flowers for Algernon. After winning that, Flowers for Algernon was bought and made into a made for TV movie. Since people loved this story so much, Keyes decided to write a full novel with the same name in 1966, and the same people who bought the book and made the made for TV movie bought the full novel in 1966 and made it into a major motion picture entitled Charly with Cliff Robertson as Charlie in 1968.