A sixteen-year-old girl Kelly Anderson and her family lived in Atlanta. Kelly was alone at home one day because her parents were invited to dinner at Bob Creighton\'s house that owned Creighton Construction. Kelly\'s father Ted was looking for a job in construction, but was turned down by Bob. While back at the house where Kelly was, she was in the bathroom, with the door open and the lights shut. She was looking in the mirror when she saw a man in the mirror over her shoulder. The man Kelly had seen so often in her dreams but only caught glimpses of when she was awake but at that moment she saw him clearly. He was old, his loose skin hanging in folds and his eyes sunken deep within his sockets. Kelly had been seeing a psychiatrist before because her mother, Mary, thought that she needed help, she thought it all started after her parents told her that she was adopted, but this man had appeared to her ever since she was born. She stopped going to the psychiatrist because she told her parents and the doctor that the Man was gone she did this to convince herself that he was gone but really he wasn\'t. As she continued to stand there in the darkness of the bathroom, she turned around but he wasn\'t there, she turned on the light and turned back to the mirror and he was still there and now his hands were reaching towards her throat. She started yelling "no! No more!" then she punched the mirror, and the mirror shattered, and she could still see her ancient tormentor still mocking her, laughing at her, reaching out for her. She picked up one of the sharp pieces of glass raised it up and plunged the blade into her belly. Determined to end the life of the baby that was growing inside her and her own. The baby that was growing inside of her she knew was the old mans because one night she felt him but she didn\'t bother to open her eyes or yell because she didn\'t want her parents to think she was crazy, she convinced herself it was only a dream. When her parents got home her mother felt that something was wrong. They were going upstairs to see if Kelly was in her room but before they got there they saw Kelly lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. Her mother dropped to the floor next to her and told Ted to call the ambulance. Her mother saw that she was still bleeding so she knew she had to be still alive, so she covered her wounds with towels. Ted\'s eyes flooded with tears when he saw the pale mask on his daughters face. At the hospital, Dr. Hartman told them she was okay and they were aloud to go see her. The parents agreed to each other not to speak of her committing suicide, so they spoke and they told her they were going to stay at the hospital with her. They were the only ones in the waiting room and Dr. Hartman told them that the reason she did that was because she was afraid to tell either of you she was pregnant, but the doctor tested her and she had never even had sex before nor was she even pregnant. She thinks she is going to be locked up because she is crazy, she says nobody loves her and she doesn\'t blame them and the doctor told Mary and Ted to show her she\'s wrong. Ted called his father Carl Anderson and told him about what had happened and Carl was staring at the picture on his dresser of Ted, Mary and Kelly with her pink hair, her dark clothes and those empty eyes. Then Ted asked if the construction job was still available for him, Carl owned his own construction company which had taken off five years ago when Villejeune started to change, his construction company drained out most of the swamps and built houses, condominiums, and old age homes since there were so many old people living in Villejeune. Carl was really happy that they