residential Debates are a very important part of the electoral process in the United States. These debates help the people of the country understand where each candidate stands on several current issues that the United States faces, as well as to show the people what they plan on doing while in office. Aside from this, presidential debates can also be filled with tension. Both candidates know that every word they say, and every move they make is being watched by the very people who decide who will become the president.
The third presidential debate between Vice President Al Gore, and George W. Bush is the final debate in a series of three. This debate is crucial to these candidates, as the election that is taking place this year will decide who takes over the presidency from William Jefferson Clinton, who has been president since he was elected in 1992. This election, as well as the previous two in the series covers many important issues. One major issue that was covered was the death penalty, and how it is executed in our system. Surprisingly, both Gore and Bush agreed on the current state of this system. While Gore said he believes that DNA should always be a factor in executing such a severe penalty, each of them agreed on the basic mechanics -- that convicts of the most heinous crimes should have their final punishment administered fairly and quickly. Another very important topic that debate touched on was tax cuts, and who they would affect. Vice President Al Gore supports tax cuts for middle-class families, while Bush supports tax cuts for the wealthy. Health care reform is another important issue that the American people are very interested in. On this topic, Bush vowed to utilize HMO\'s, while Gore has promised to seek some form of universal health care.
Aside from their stands on these specific issues, both Vice President Al Gore and George W. Bush had certain styles of debate that gave them a certain appearance. It is well known that the candidate who looks more presidential gains a significant advantage. Al Gore looked too persistent and pushy in the first two debates, but he seemed more composed in this third debate. However, Gore still consistently drilled the fact that he has experience into the heads of all the viewers. Gore has been noting this fact since the very first debate. Bush, on the other hand, seemed to be less composed than the first two debates. When he was questioned by Gore, he would stall and even fail to answer the question many times. This uncertainty makes him seem less presidential in front of the millions of Americans who watched the debate. All of these issues and styles will come together on Election Day, when the final decision will be made.