Descriptive/Narrative - This Way to the wise woman...

This way to the wise woman who sees into all things You see the sign and decide to pay her a visit.

The icy rain feels like needles pelting my face. I stand here blankly staring at the sign, which my eyes are set on. The sign is full of dark colors, which give off a vibe of the supernatural. The sign reads, This way to the wise woman who sees into all things, I feel appalled by the fact that Im actually considering to walk into this place.

All my life I have been fighting against this type of terrible portrayal of Wiccan beliefs. Was this really my last resort?

I must be in great desperation as my hand touches the icy doorknob, and I twist it making a loud screeching sound, but as the door closes behind me I feel like Im in another world. Even so I walk along the narrow hallway and I actually feel a sense of familiarity.

My first reaction is to close my eyes, and let my hands fall open to my sides. With experience, after so many years of practice, I sink quickly into a meditative state, going beneath the surface of time, and feeling the energy coming from every cell of my body. I cast my senses in order to realize whether I had made a mistake by walking into this building. I reach out with my mind but I feel nothing, as if someone was blocking my senses. Even so I continue walking, and feel a reassuring feeling, if that person in there was able to sense me and block me, I hope that they are powerful enough to help me in any way.

The aromatic smell of lavender swirls around me, and some how comforts me. After what I had been through in the past few hours I feel as if every time I breathe knives are cutting into my lungs. Why had it happened now? After all that pain I went through when he died seven years ago, why are all the signs saying that he did not die, but for all these years he has been trying to reach out for me, but I simply tried to move on. It\'s just too much pressure for me, knowing that he is alive, and I cant help him it felt as if the pain is eating me from the inside as every second passes and every breath fades.

I finally enter a room where there is a woman, with several books around her. I cant see the womans features properly, but I can see her shadow and I can sense her presence and her strong character. She opens her mouth and says Youll be a different case, compare to the rest. Its nice to have someone around that really appreciates the craft. Tell me how it all began and why you are here? I felt my mind racing against time, and remembering how it all began ten years ago when I actually met him. As time passed and I told my story I felt the woman and myself sinking into a different plane away from reality, and away from all our problems.