Desirees Baby

 Being bi-racial was not an easy thing to be in the south during the early 1900\'s. In the
story, Desiree’s Baby, many situations occur that leave you wondering about how society is
so unfair. The main characters are Desiree, Armand, the baby, and Desiree’s mother.
During this period, some found it acceptable to leave a baby on the doorsteps of a family
to provide a chance for a better life. This was an important point in the story; when the
Monsieur found the baby Desiree near the front gate, it would mean that Desiree would
probably never be aware of her biological parents ancestry. The chance a baby with both
parents would be dropped off is not likely, but was probable with a single mother. A single
mother knew there was little help to be found and the chances were short of a child having a
proper upbringing socially and economically speaking. Desiree grew into a beautiful and
gentle-hearted young woman and soon found a wealthy suitor asking for her hand. This
young suitor had known of Desiree’s past but was in love and did not care of this seemingly
innocent unknown factor of her past. This suitor, Armand Aubigny was racist and wretched
but the young bride was in love and looked past his flawed character. The concept of young
Armand falling instantly in love after seeing Desiree standing by the gate is a bit suspicious
and sounds more like infatuation. The evil in Armand did not come from his parents and the
black employees were cheerful when he was growing up so it is an open question concerning
his acquired hatred. The blacks were cheerful while his father was alive but was not during
Armand’s strict management of the L’Abri.. Armand had changed to a kinder man after his
marriage and the birth of his son and it may have been the only time in his life he was truly
happy. The death of his mother while living in France when he was eight years old may have
had a negative effect on his character. The way Madame Valmonde described the L’Abri as “a
sad looking place, which for many years had not known the gentle presence of a mistress”,
may have been a hint at Armands evil nature being tied to having no maternal influence
during most of his boyhood. Madame Valmonde noticed the baby’s mixed ancestry
immediately when she went for a visit, exclaiming out loud at first sight of him “this is not
the baby”, Desiree thought she was referring to how big the baby had grown. Madame
Valmonde looked closely at the baby and new that it was indeed of mixed ancestry but did
not mention it to her daughter, this I believe was her way of hoping for the best. Madame
Valmonde was wealthy but knew her influence would not be enough to help if anyone found
out the baby was black. This would also mean certain social destruction for Desiree having
given birth to a black child. The environment changed quickly on the L’ Abri and Desiree was
not aware of the circumstances that had changed it. Her husband had recognized that the
baby was not white and had turned into his old malicious self and was ignoring his family in
vain. One of La Blanche’s boys was near the baby when Desiree noticed the resemblance of
the skin color between the boy and her baby. Desiree confronted Armand and asked him to
explain what the baby’s color meant and how it happened, Armand immediately and harshly
accuses Desiree of not being white like the baby. The boy is one quarter Negro ancestry and
so his mother La Blanch is also of mixed ancestry. This is important to know because
Armand compares Desiree with that of La Blanch when he tells her she is not white. Armand
was quoted as hearing the baby crying from “as far away as La Blanch’s cabin”, the reason
he was at the cabin could be he was using La Blanch sexually. The practice of raping a slave
or employee in those days was not uncommon. Desiree compares her skin color to that of
Armand who is much darker than she is but he is not bothered by this difference in his
reasoning. Desiree begged her mother Valmonde for help in explaining to everyone that she is
indeed white. Valmonde did not respond to Desiree’s cry for help but just offered a place to