Drivers Ed

Book Report
The book I am reading is called Driverís Ed. It is about a girl named Remy, her friend Lark, and her other friend Morgan.
The first 25 pages of the book starts off by describing Remyís family, which includes her mom, dad, younger brother Mac, and younger brother Henry. Then it talks about Morganís family. It consists of his mom, dad, and little sister Starr. His dad is going to run for governor, and it pretty much says how perfect his family and life is. It also lets you know that Remy has a crush on Morgan, and Morgan has a crush on Remy.
Anyway, in this class, the teacher has a lot of trouble with names. He announces three names to go drive, and Remy, Lark, and Morgan drive most of the time. He calls out Remy, Christine, and Morgan. Lark then switches with Christine. Remy is driving, and she accidentally drives over the median and leaves some of the muffler behind. Then Lark drives and runs a red light. It doesnít let you know how Morgan did, but when they get back from driving, they get an idea that they should all steal road signs for their room.
In the next 25 pages, Remy, Lark, and Morgan plan to go out to steal their signs. Lark is sick though, so she doesnít go. None of them have their licenses, so Nicky Buddy drives. He is one year older than all of them, and he lives by Morgan so he is friends with him. Remy decides that she want a Morgan Road sign, they get a Thickly Settled sign for Lark, and Morgan takes a Stop sign. Also, Remy and Morgan kiss when they are in the car. When Remy comes home, Mac starts to question her and she has to hide the Morgan Road sign in the bushes to make sure that Mac doesnít tell their mom what she did.
In the next 25 pages, Morgan begins to think about the fact that he is going out with Remy now. He is worried about what is going to happen in school the next day. In concert choir, he doesnít even look at her, or talk to her. He just focuses on points on the wall, or on the floor. Then at home, Remyís mom finds out that she is going out with Morgan, and she gives her approval of him. Then itís the next day in Driverís Ed, and
Remy, Lark, and Morgan decide that they better not go drive 3 days in a row, so they stay behind. Morgan, once again, doesnít even look at Remy the whole class. He just sits in the library next to his friend, Taft. Remy becomes sad, and wonders why Morgan is ignoring her. Remy then had a basketball game, and Morgan goes to watch.
That night, Morgan is watching the news and he sees a thing on about how a stop sign was taken off of Cherry Road and some mother was hit by a truck and died. Morgan then realizes that it was the sign that they took. Morganís dad then says ďWhoever took that sign should be shot.Ē
The next section of the book starts out in Remyís house, around 11:30. Then Lark calls and tells Remy what was on the news about the stop sign. That night, Remy canít sleep because she is picturing the accident in her head. It was Friday, so she didnít have to worry about school, but all she could think about was the sign. What if her class found out? Saturday passed, and still, she couldnít think of anything but the sign. Then Morganís family decides to start going to church, and this makes Remy think that Morgan told. But then she realizes they only went because his dad is running for governor. After church, everyone went to the basement to have cake and coffee, but Morgan couldnít eat because every time he put cake in his mouth, he thought of the lady never eating again. Then Mac walks over to Morgan and starts telling him about how Remy likes him so much, and how their mom has prequalified him for marriage. He pretty much embarrasses Remy. The next Monday