As a result, Americans hold their mobile telephones against their heads, thinking all is well, when they could easily avoid the risk of exposure to radiation from the antenna that is close to their head. Cell phone users could all avoid this great health risk of developing brain cancer just by using a headset, and earpiece at the end of a wire. With this simple device, that only costs a few dollars and is sold in various stores today, people can talk while keeping the antenna safely away from their heads. It is an easy step to ensure Americans safety right now, while investigators, FDA, GAO, scientists, and who ever else may be trying to determine if cell phones cause brain cancer for sure of not.

The FDA had evidence of an apparent health risk of cell phones. More research is needed to determine how great the risk might be. Especially if Americans will be at a much greater risk of brain cancer if we hold cell phones against our heads for a few minutes each day, for several years.

Here is a short term solution: We cannot buy a car without seatbelts, we should not be able to buy a mobile phone without a protective headset that will keep the antenna safely away from our skulls.

Until science research can give us better answers about cell phones causing brain cancer, the government can at least warn us of the need to take the basic steps to protect ourselves.