fate was it real for romeo and juilet

Ashley Weckelman

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet were described as “star crossed lovers” in the beginning of the play. The term “star crossed” referrers to the stars one is born under; with this crossed means not to be. So by the beginning of the play this love was already doomed. This play also contains strong; very emotional characters that brings about giving poor advice to Romeo and Juliet and soon leads to the death of the two lovers. Over this three day love affair soon ended in death. If we make different decisions would there be different outcomes?
Many characters like friar Lawrence, the nurse, and Benvolio gave the couple poor advice and in turn lead to bad decisions and impulse on Romeo and Juliet’s part. The first of poor decisions started when Benvolio talked a recently heart broken Romeo into going to a Capulet’s party to watch rosaline dance. Rosaline was an old love of Romeos from before the story took place. At the Capulet’s party he found a new love by the name Juliet, instantly upon impulse they meet and kiss. By the next day under Friar Lawrence’s guidance they meet again and get married.
Romeo and Juliet were soon married and later that afternoon Juliet’s cousin Tybalt kills Mercutio during a small fight in the street. Romeo sees this injustice and upon impulse kills Tybalt in revenge. Under the advice of his friends he flees the scene of the murder. Soon the prince finds out and he banishes Romeo from Verona. That same day Juliet finds out that her lover Romeo has been banished for killing her beloved cousin and she threatens to kill herself. She goes to friar Lawrence’s cell and he gives her a strong sleeping potion. This strong potion will put her to sleep for a few hours so then she will appear dead; and not have to marry Paris like her father had arranged for her.
The next day was the day of Juliet’s wedding where she would be married to Paris. The night before she took the potion and the nurse has discovered her lying on her bed looking like she had died. Romeos man witnesses the funeral of Juliet and he tells Romeo of the news. Romeo is crushed so he buys a poison and heads back to Verona to die next to Juliet in her Capulet’s tomb. Romeo finds Juliet lying in her family tomb appearing dead; he takes the poison and kills himself. Soon after Romeo is dead Juliet wakes up in the tomb to find Romeo on the floor dead. Juliet looks up and finds Friar Lawrence standing by her, he tells her to get up and run away with him so she can become a nun but she refused to leave her dead Romeo. She kissed Romeo but didn’t find any poison left on his lips. So she pulled out a dagger and stabbed her self in the stomach. After that friar Lawrence told the families of the story of their children’s love. Soon the two families forgave past wrongs and stopped the feud.
If Romeo and Juliet had of notified their families maybe this play would have ended differently. After Romeo had met Juliet at the party only the nurse knew the full extent of their relationship. If the nurse had of notified the parents of both families then maybe families would have reconciled with out the death of their children. When Romeo and Juliet first married they had known each other for about 48 hours or less.
There is no way either of them could have known each other let alone loved each other by this time. Within 72 hours they were prepare to die for each other, Romeo and Juliet were both over reacting over each and every small problem that comes their way. It would have been more sensible on friar Lawrence’s part not marry Juliet and Romeo. Friar L should have gone to both families and talked with then about their children’s love for each other. Maybe Juliet and Romeo should have talked about the reasons why they were attracted to each other and the reasons why they should wait a little longer to marry. Then after they have talked they