fortune telling

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Although fortune tellers aren\'t as popular today as they used to be, many people still have a fascination with their methods. Who wouldn\'t be when you can tell your future by looking into a crystal ball, cutting a deck of cards, or even looking at the lines on your hands?
Crystal Balls: Crystal gazers attempt t o see the future by focusing on a smooth, clear object. A crystal ball isn\'t always needed for this method of fortune telling. Other things that have been used are clear lakes, goblets of water, doorknobs, mirrors, shiny jewelry, soap bubbles, and new patent leather shoes (Landau 12).
Most crystal gazers prefer a ball of natural crystal, about 4-5 inches wide. The balls require high maintenance. They must be kept in a cold, dark place, and must be wiped with a soft, velvet cloth frequently. It\'s very important that there are no smudges on the ball. They could distract the user (Landau 14).
Some people who practice crystal gazing attempt to purify their minds and bodies before they use the a ball. This may include praying, eating only organic foods for days ahead of time, or thinking only pure thoughts for days beforehand (Landau 15).
Crystal gazing should be done in a dim lit room, and the ball should be placed on a dark, thick cloth, to absorb any light that could cause reflections on the ball and distract the user (Landau 15).
Most crystal gazers glide their hands just above the ball, to become in touch with their powers (Landau 16).
After steady gazing into the ball for several minutes, crystal gazers see colorful swirling colors. These colors reveal the inquirer\'s fortune (Landau 16).
White clouds mean good things lie ahead in their future; black clouds mean sadness and disappointment are in the future; red, orange, or yellow clouds mean there will be an undesirable or unpleasant occurrence (Landau 16).
Sometimes only swirling colors are seen.

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Palmistry: Palmistry is about the shape of the person\'s hand, shape and length of the fingers, shape and texture of the fingernails, as well as the lines on the palm. Palmist\'s say that the left hand shows the person\'s potential or ability, and the right hand reveals the opportunities available to the person throughout their life, as well as how they are viewed by the public eye (Landau 18).
Palmists beleive that everyone\'s hands fall into one of four categories (Landau 19).
The Air Hand: These people have square shaped palms, and long fingers. They express their thoughts and feelings well and freely. They often become teachers, lawyers, and authors (Landau 19).
The Earth Hand: People with square palms, and short fingers fall into this category. They are usually athletic, and enjoy activity. They are energetic people. They tend to become gym teachers, coaches, construction workers, and farmers (Landau 19).
The Water Hand: These people have rectangle shaped palms, and long fingers. They are usually kind and thoughtful people. They are usually calm and creative. Many of them become scientists, artists, or researchers (Landau 21).
The Fire Hand: People with rectangle shaped palms and short fingers are fire hands. they are usually outgoing, quick thinking people, who are willing to take chances and risks. They turn out to be into entertainment, public relations, and law enforcement (Landau 21).
The lines crossing the palm are very important. Each of the major lines has a meaning.
The Life Line: This line starts between the index finger and the thumb, running down the palm to the base. A long, defined life line means the person will have a long, healthy life. But a short life line doesn\'t mean that they will have a short life. Small lines

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crossing the life line indicate stress and problems in their life. But a break in the life line may mean a death, illness, or a dramatic life style change (Landau 22).
The Head Line: This line reveals the person\'s mental ability, and how they approach life. It crosses the palm horizontally starting between the thumb and index finger. If the head line is joined with the life line at the start, the person will have a well controlled life. If the two lines aren\'t joined at the start, the person could be the opposite, but adventurous and loving (Landau 22).
The Heart Line: This line indicates the person\'s kindness, understanding,