gay rights

Every family has one (except mine of course). The uncle that always brings disgusting, fat, and ignorant women home for Christmas. No one approves, yet no one says anything. Why, because it is his life. No one has the right to judge him simply by whom he dates or doesnít date. Just because he likes fat women, does that mean he deserves fewer rights? Of course not, no one would ever try and take any away from him. How is that any different from the aunt that brings home another woman for Thanksgiving? How can she be discriminated upon simply because of whom she is dating?
Homosexuals should be entitled to all the same rights as straight people. They are no different than the rest of us. They simply choose to date different kinds of people. We should all be able to date whomever we want without fear of discrimination. Instead however, many homosexuals are denied the rights we take for granted. For example, in Colorado they have a constitutional amendment that forbids laws protecting homosexuals from discrimination. In other words, discriminating against homosexuals in Colorado is not only perfectly legal, but the state government is against trying to create an equal opportunity for all.
Colorado is not the only discriminatory government however. According to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, voters have repealed gay rights laws or enacted anti-gay rights measures in more than 45 communities nationwide since the 1970ís. In Normal, Illinois, the City Council rejected a proposal to add homosexuality to the cityís anti-bias ordinance. Last March, only two days after the Lansing, Michigan, City Council approved a civil rights ordinance that included protection for gays and lesbians, a group calling itself the Majority Opposed to Special Treatment gathered hundreds of petitions to rescind the law.
Whatever happened to all men are created equal? It seems to me that the people of America consider all men, exactly the same as they are, to be created equal. However, that is not the way it is. Americans are so proud of their freedom and their liberty, yet they are so anxious to take that same freedom away from someone else. Why canít we take that statement for what it is, and start treating everyone equally regardless of his or her race, gender, and sexual preference?