Gays in the Military

Lauren Stewart
Government 2301
December 7, 200


In 1994 there was a debate at the White House, which wanted to let gays serve in the military openly, yet Congress and the military did not. The compromise protected homosexuals in uniform as long as they didn’t flaunt their sexual orientation. In the eighties and nineties, gays have mobilized to seek civil rights protections from the National Government. In the United States, questions of basic civil rights and liberties are often considered first by the President and then by Congress. They are usually thought to respond to the opinions and prejudices of the public because they have to defend their policies to voters during their reelection campaigns. Research shows the general public does not support basic civil liberties for social groups with unpopular views. Therefore, it is not surprising that elected officials are hesitant to respond to demands by unpopular minorities for civil rights protection. Is it right for gays to be in the military? There are many issues concerning gays in the military. According to the Constitution, is it wrong to persecute or discriminate someone because of their sexual status ? And whatever happened to the moral aspects our forefathers built this nation
First of all, according to our freedoms given by the Constitution, is it right to discriminate gays in the military? This is one of the key issues, if not the most significant, in balancing social and functional imperatives. We all know, even under present circumstances homosexuals serve in all militaries, but how and in what
Conditions do they do so, and what happens when their homosexuality becomes revealed? Decriminalize homosexuality but continue to argue that it is incompatible with military service. Which in my opinion… IT IS! If you are found out about or you “Come Out of the Closet,” You will be administratively discharged. According to the Constitution, I do believe it is wrong to discharge or harass a person due to their sexual status, according to the Constitution it is discrimination. We are supposed to have freedom of speech, free practice of religion, and nowhere does it say… “NO GAYS!” Yet why are the gays so socially unacceptable when it comes to the military or defending our nation, I believe men join the service to protect our country, and I also believe that if a gay man wants to serve and fight for his country then he should have that right. Yet on the other hand, I still find myself resorting back to the moral issue. I also don’t believe any straight man in his right mind would feel comfortable knowing he was sharing a bunk with a homosexual… and that’s putting it nicely. Men I know that have served in the military say they are afraid to even have a gay man in their group because of what would happen if they were to be hit on. I don’t feel men in our service, protecting our rights and freedoms could operate to their fullest capabilities if they did not feel comfortable with the men “THEY” were depending on to survive and protect them in a crisis situation. Like they say, “you are only as strong as you’re weakest link.” Men in the military and straight men in general think homosexuality is a weakness as well as a sickness in the first place. This is just part of their culture. In turn, if a straight man can defend and fight for his country, his rights and his freedoms, why can’t he be man

enough to be able to defend himself and his dignity by turning the other cheek if by chance inappropriate sexual inuendos come his way. Somehow or another it always reverts back to the old “moral issue of it all.” If it was natural and there was truly nothing wrong with homosexuality in general, then there would be no problem from the start. When you are trying to change the military culture of a first class fighting machine in directions to which it is suspicious, you must balance the consequences of what you believe to be right and necessary on legal and moral grounds against the effects of