Genetics Homework
Section 5:30 pm-6:45 pm

1.Briefly explain how CRISPR is being used to fight lyme disease. 
CRISPR- Clusters of regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats and it consists of several case genes, short palindromic DNA, spacer DNA (Viral DNA). It is used to fight Lyme disease by "placing it in an organism's DNA, scientists can insure that the new gene will copy itself in every successive generation.
2. What are some of the fears about CRISPR and Gene Drives?
The system, which is essentially a molecular scalpel, makes it possible to alter or delete any sequence in a genome of billions of nucleotides
Despite a significant decline in deaths from these diseases over the past decade, they still threaten more than half the world's population and, together, kill nearly three quarters of a million people each year. Malaria alone kills a thousand children every day.
There is currently no approved Lyme vaccine for humans,
The only way to conduct an experiment that could wipe an entire species from the Earth is with complete transparency
3. How is CRISPR being used with mosquitoes?
A mutation that blocked the parasite responsible for malaria, for instance, could be engineered into a mosquito and passed down every time the mosquito reproduced. Each future generation would have more offspring with the trait until, at some point, the entire species would have it".
Mutant mosquitoes engineered to resist the parasite that ca uses malaria could wipe out the disease in some regions — for good. Humans contract malaria from mosquitoes that are infected by parasites from the genus  Plasmodium . Previous work had shown that mosquitoes could be engineered to rebuff the parasite but researchers lacked a way to ensure that the resistance genes would spread rapidly through a wild population.