Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath is an epic story of the Joads, though it is full of desert and drought, water is the purifier in this novel. It starts with Tom getting out of state prison on parole. When he meets Jim Casy on his way home the plot starts rolling. When they reach Tomís farm they find out that banks and large companies have closed their farms and that everyone is leaving to California in hopes of work. This is the first conflict. The poor against the rich, or the weak against the strong. The Joadís sell all of their property and begin their journey to California.
On the way there they lose two lives, Grandma and Grandpa, because they have no money they cannot give an appropriate funeral to their loved ones. Instead of feeling remorse, they proceed on their trip. The Joadís stop at many camps, the peach orchard held most of the conflicts for Tom. Tom went to talk to Casy , during their discussion men looking for Casy kill him. Tom becomes very volatile and kills one of the men which sends Tom into hiding. Tomís sister instigated a fight and threatened to get her brother because he killed a man. When ma found out that Tom could be in jeopardy she suggested him to leave. Tom left and continued on in Casyís work.
This family travels from desert to Land of plenty. Yet no will help them. People are willing to kill each other for jobs. Those who are hired to pick food are not allowed to eat it. Family members drop off like flies through heat and starvation. Soon the land dries and the harvest is gone. Yet only when hope is gone can healing begin. Rose a Sharonís baby is stillborn and one wonders if it is not better off rather than entering the Joadís pitiful world. Then the rain comes along with the climax of the story. The water is rising and the family must move to a drier place. As the rain digresses, the family move to a dry barn down the highway. There they meet a father and son. The father is dying of starvation. Roseasharon, at this pivotal point, eagerly appeases his hunger by feeding him from her breast. Roseasharon gave life to a dying man. There is the realization of the need of each individual to help each another regardless of who he is. Wary looks once given to strangers are now replaced with a stubborn love for life.